August 13th, 2011

TTGL: Kamina

Look, a distraction!

So, I have more sites to link to, that kind of got ignored in yesterday's ~drama~. But they make for a pretty decent way to kill some time, or just generally distract oneself.

- Zarla watches Yaoi. Not sure if I've linked this in the past, but it's been updated recently. Basically, someone watching yaoi anime and then liveblogs their thoughts. Complete with screencaps. It is amazingly terribad.

- Cyborg Grandpa-G So, this manga was apparently Obata's (of Death Note) first one. It's... something all right.

- Static Dog. Cute fluffy little dog + static electricity = hilarious adorableness.

- The Most Useless Machine Ever. ...I want one.

- Sideshow Alley Dancers from The Australian Ballet perfomring a contemporary dance in a random Melbourne CBD alley. As one does. I always knew the laneways were kind of awesome.

- Exactly what it implies: a portal for lots of pointless time-killing websites. WARNING: This site will steal hours of your free time. So many random silly things to do...