September 29th, 2011

Evangelion: Perky Asuka

Hey look, pretty pictures (and funny videos)

Relax, everyone! George Takei has a reassuring message for humanity.

...Yeah, I kind of love that guy.

Anyway, am in a reasonably good mood at the moment. Short break allows for sleeping in time, and got my results back from a test I had recently, with 89%. Which is always a nice number to see on coursework.

Plus internet has been on the amusing side of things lately.

I mean, so far I've also found a cockatiel singing the Evangelion theme song, Chop Cup, which is rather gloriously mindfucky, and Things Could Be Worse, a series of tragedies in art.

Because things could always be worse.

Also, courtesy of a certain kinkmeme, I have now seen several different combinations of Texts from Last Night and Code Geass, which will be files with the Utena version I linked a while back as the greatest things ever. I don't know why anime + TFLN is so funny to me, but it is.

(Plus there's also Ask Code Geass Dads, which is endless funny if you are familiar with a certain fandom meme).

I have noticed there that the last bunch of links have found are all Tumblr sites. Tumblr is not a site that I am on, though I know some people on my flist are - and some aren't. I can see the entertainment there in checking out all the awesome art (I love me some shiny pretties), but not being much of a making art person myself, I'd just end up constantly reblogging stuff from other people.

So flist, please, please convince me whether or not I should get a tumblr account! Links to awesome tumblrs is considered a valid form of argument.