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Flashback to 2005

Things What I Did Today: Erm, not much.

I'm still waiting for my subjects to no longer be pending, so I can check my timetable for next week (I have no idea why it is taking so darned long, honestly. I am less than amused)

Also, I reread HBP.

I didnt cry this time, but there were some definite watery eyes come the end sections. Also, I have decided what my favourite thing in it is.

Chapter 4
(Dumbledore to Harry) "However, I do not think you need worry about being attacked tonight... You are with me."

Chapter 26
(Dumbledore to Harry) "I am not worried, Harry... I am with you."

It's the ultimate in passing the torch, really. To be very Star Wars, the apprentice becomes the master.

And I just have a thing about repeated/mirrored lines in writing.

And so, to wait until 9am tomorrow, at which point I get my copy of DH. Which means an early night for me and I get muffins in the city for breakfast.

And then the Potterdämmerung really will be upon us - though the wank has been pretty fierce thus far as some may have noticed (Spoilers can be found at those links, though behind cuts for the most part).

At least the fake vs real thing will be put to an end for good.

Oh, and since Teh Mother has informed me that she will be in Melbourne tomorrow night (dropping the Sister off at her college), I have agreed to go have dinner with her. So long as it's after I finished reading DH.

As for now? See you all on the other side...
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