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LJversary... well, sort of.

This was meant to be posted yesterday. But it was tinyteddyqueen's 21st, and so I never got around to it. Um, whoops?

In any case, yesterday my LJ managed to become three years old. Huzzah! *throws streamers*

To continue on the tradition I've had going, I chose to celebrate this event with, erm, statistics. Because it's interesting seeing how my online life has change in the time that has passed.

In any case, in it's three years of existence, this LJ has seen me:
- Friend 190 people
- Be friended by 190 people
- Join 151 comms, and 12 RSS feeds
- Make 788 posts
- Post 14,557 comments
- Receive 11,277 comments

Which means that, in the year since I last did this stats thing, I have:

- Friended 33 people
- Joined 74 comms
- Made 288 posts
- Posted 5,331 comments
- Received 4,536 comments

So, huzzah for activity, I suppose! *raises glass*
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