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My life, let me show you it!

I never got around to listing my subjects for this semester, did I? Admittedly, the fact that the bloody subject selection program thing buggered up and I didn't get it fixed until last Friday is somewhat of an excuse.

Anyway, my subjects:

Sociology of Youth & Youth Policy (2nd Year Sociology)
Cyberspace: The Last Frontier? (2nd Year Sociology)
Cognitive Psychology 2 (2nd Year Psych)
Intro. to Psychological Disorders 3 (3rd Year Psych)

In a development that might interest some of my flist, later this year my Cyberspace class is going to require some compulsory Second Life usage.

I'll have to pick up my textbooks this week. Once I work out the complete list, anyway.

Oh, and de_chel gave me an invite to her 21st, which as far as I know I shall be attending

In other news, Harry Potter Fandom? Still lolarious. (Well, except when it's being made of fail)

Though, because I want to end on a cheerful note, I shall link to the (containing spoilers) Happy Birthday Harry post. Because Harry is unashamedly my favourite character, so a post full of love makes me happy.

Though, I don't think anything can compare to the hilarity that is FOX News. Truly epic lulz within
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