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1am Chats about Harry Potter with drunk couch-crashers and housemates do not promote awakeness

Have decided I like my Cognitive Psych tutor. If only because we had a prac that was supposed to go for 2 hours, and we were finished in 45 minutes.

Which was good, because I really didn't fancy sticking around Uni until past 7pm. And I think I could use an early(-ish) night tonight. Argh tiredness.

And I shall need to get my Uni texts tomorrow, now I actually know what I need to get.

In lieu of anything decent to post about, I thus give you a collection of random quotes, which I have been jotting down for weeks now, and keep forgetting to post. From most to least recent (some of these are several months old):

Piper: We're talking about the rules for chocolate-coated warfare!

fa11ing_away: I am the Switzerland of peanuts!

Piper: Hey, I'm taller than really short people!

Random drunk club guy: I don't like transvestites, I like mystery.

Sam: Is everyone happy with my breasts?
Bistromathics, during Star Wars character impersonations)

altheas: II is not a Pokemon!
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