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Fandom remains a strange, strange place... IN YOUR PANTS!

In a move that is shocking probably no-one, there seems to be yet more silliness going around in Doctor Who fandom.

However, rather than wank, we seem to have attracted an outraged "Think of the children!" type, who is utterly shocked, shocked that people are publicly writing "immoral and degenerate writings" about a children's show. Obviously, she's never seen the Harry Potter fandom.

The thing that has captured my interest the most is how on earth our Helen Lovejoy (namely nyssaisbest) managed to stumble across the fic in question.

See, the writer of said fics, persiflage_1 isn't exactly a BNF. She's one of the more prolific Ten/Martha writers, admittedly, but that just makes her a prolific member of a minority ship. (Yes, it's a minority ship. One of the larger minority ships, but still one that's a minority) As far as I am aware she doesn't post her fics anywhere other than LJ. She doesn't have a huge flist.

So, as far as I'm aware, the only awareness of her fics is for the 900-odd members of lifeonmartha, any members of smith_n_jones who aren't also in LoM, and whoever's read the relevent who_daily post. In total, that's what, 1000-2000 people? Tiny compared to the internet.

So, why persiflage_1? If someone has a problem with adult fic, why not go after one of the BNFs? Or one of the adult fics on the Teaspoon, which is easily googlable, and just this week has had fics with overt sexual references in the title? Why, when she has the entire of the internet and Doctor Who fandom to be outraged by, is the one person she's decided to make her stand against "filth" to, a prolific but not hugely known author in small corner of fandom?

I just don't get it.

(I'll also add that the apparent "real" name nyssaisbest - Susan Costello - is terribly reminiscent of a certain Torchwood character, which does nothing to ease suspicions of someone sockpuppeting)

Oh fandom. *shakes head*

On the subject of fandom, that Doctor/Martha ship manifesto I am doing is due in in a week. Just a reminder if there are any recs, quotes, ideas or whatever else you want me to include, here's the post to let me know.

*This post title was brought to you by the exceedingly silly conversations I had over dinner today, in which we amused ourselves by seeing just how much more hilarious everything became when "...IN YOUR PANTS!" was affixed on the end of sentences.
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