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It has been a surprisingy eventful day

The computer Dad got my for my birthday has finally been set up. In the living room. Where we are going to use it as the worlds most over-priced DVD player until I manage to get the time to reorganise my room.

It is terribly, terribly shiny, though. And has a larger screen than our TV.

Today in CHAS we watched Meet the Feebles. Man, that movie is utter crack. Good or bad crack, I'm not sure.

In my Exciting Adventures On FacebookTM, I have managed to stumble across, of all people, my two cousins, neither of whom I've seen since they moved to the US when I was about 12 - or for that matter had any real contact with, other than annual Christmas letters. I'm now discussing Uni course and ones PhD.

In fannish news, things that are Awesome (with a capital Awe):

- Torchwood S2 picture of much hotness. Because everything is better with Martha, donchaknow, especially when she looks so damn good.

- smith_n_jones is running a Doctor/Martha porn battle. Yay for much smutty fic being written!

(Also, a Doctor/Rose shipper on the OG seemed really quite bewildered about the No Sexual Tension thing at that comm. Poor dear took it seriously. Bless.)

- loves_them_all. Best idea for a Doctor Who comm ever.
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