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I was going to have some gag about trivial things in the subject line, but it was too cheesy

Went to the Wonderful Day fundraiser Trivia Night thing last night (Wonderful Day being the production some of my friends, and a bunch of people I don't know will be doing in a couple of weeks). Anyhoo, I was on a table with saikogrrl and Yuhan and... some people I don't really know. But GGS (aka Gratuitous Gay Subtext aka our team name - what do you expect considering the people involved?) managed to tie for first in the questions. Lost out on the tie-breaker, though.

Still, I got half a kilo of chocolate coated coffee beans out of it, so I say it was a worthwhile night.

Lots of fun, too.

Apparently my teachers have all decided it's assignment time now. Bastards. That'll probably be in a post, soon, so I can keep track of due dates.

In fandom news, there's been a whole lot of rather daft - and not so daft - rumours going around. The most interesting (to me, at least) is the Children in Need one. Possibly because I had dismissed it as rubbish (though rubbish that would be ovely to see, if pulled off well), until I heard it was supposedly for CiN, at which point it became a lot more believable.

I'm still not 100% convinced, but as a charity special, I think it could happen, and am looking forward to seeing it. But will it be canon?

Also, lifeonmartha has an eye out for some more mods. If you're a fan of Martha and Doctor Who, and interested and able to help out drop us a line.

Oh, and over the weekend (yes, it's been that long since I posted...), I went and saw all the Dresden Files TV show. I may end up posting about my thoughts on it, but they can be briefly summed up as nowhere near as good as the books (which I seem to be rereading now). The one exception is Bob. Because TV!Bob is made of shiny and love and win, and is quite clearly the best thing about the show by far, and is in fact the best thing about most TV shows.

TV!Bob should have his own show. No matter what else happened in it, I would watch it for TV!Bob.
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