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The weekend of many colours

So, I was at de_chel's 21st the other night. There were are rather large number of choristers there, I must say. (The crowd seemed to be split into either choristers or Foulies/Second Floor types). And also rather a lot of food. I think I had too much to eat. Also, the punch was very, very nice.

But all in all it was a fairly good night. Huzzah for 21sts!

I ended up staying the night on a mattress on the floor, and grabbed a lift to Camberwell with frabjously this morning. At which point, since I was conveniently in Camberwell on a Sunday morning, I headed of to the oh-so-fab Camberwell market. And then bought stuff, as one does.

Teh haul:
- One purple PVC jacket.
- One red PVC coat. (Since I have wanted a red coat for ages, and have been eying one in the city, getting one for $10 rather than $90 is probably preferable)
- One pair silver flat shoes.
- One pair of sparkly red shoes. (Too fab for words)
- One sparkly denim baker's boy cap.
- Another Louis Vuitton handbag (this one larger than the other).

You know, it probably says a lot about the Camberwell market that I rejected an as-new Louis Vuitton bag for $35 because it was, relatively speaking, very overpriced.

Good weekend over-all it appears.

In fannish news, it is to the surprise of very few people indeed that The Girl in the Fireplace nabs Doctor Who it's second Hugo Award.

Still, I feel pleased because I called it like a year ago.
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