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I aten't dead yet!

I haven't updated my LJ in over two weeks, it seems. Um, whoops?

Mostly on account of mid-semester assignments and social life deciding to kick in at the same time. Luckily, not only are mid-semester assignments over and done with, but it's mid-semester break (until the end of next week, anyway). So I has free time about now. Or free-ish, anyway.

Can't be bothered trying to give a rundown of what has happened since I last posted, but, well, I wrote up a whole bunch of essays. And I did stuff with my friends.

About the most important thing that has happened since I last updated is that my iPod seems to have died on me. Which is sort of understandable, given I'd had it for over three years, and it got used several times daily, but still... RIP Casper.

So, am now checking out new iPods. Am aiming to have a new one by the end of the week.

And then all shall be right in drakyndraworld again, as it feels terribly strange without music to listen to on trams.
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