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Bite me, irony

Well, that just figures. Or rather, it doesn't, and thus was completely unexpected to me.

After several years, and umpteen different people, both online and in RL, trying to convince me of the wonders of anime, all attempts of which have failed miserably, I have astoundingly managed to get hooked on an anime series.

And the person who got me hooked on this series? Was, erm, me. And I did it by accident.

After all those fervent descriptions and links and clips and all that work people had put into getting me into assorted animes, I end up getting hooked because I am bored, and watching random streaming videos to kill time.


And it wasn't even Cowboy Bebop, either (Speaking of, tinyteddyqueen, I really must borrow your copy, just to see if I end up liking it as much as you reckon. The first episode didn't blow me away, but maybe I need a couple of episodes. It does have the most freaking awesome title sequence ever, mind).

Anyhoo, anime in question is Fullmetal Alchemist, which I am currently working my way through since I sortakinda bought the first half on DVD. And the guy at Animasia is putting the rest aside for me when he gets more in *facepalm*.

...So this is me, being mildly bemused by the whole thing and going off to watch more FMA.

PS. I watched The Sarah Jane Adventures. Was not bad at all, though at times the kiddiness got to me. Though I shouldn't be surprised, seeing it's a kid's show and all. The next episode looks slightly less so, though, and I'll certainly keep on watching.
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