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Originally, this post was all about Uni...

Things that get you of to a good start after a break: Getting your first mid-semester assignment back, and finding out you got a H1 for it.

It's even more cheering when you are aware of how littlemuch work you put into it. Huzzah for the last minute!

In other news, have seen the most recent Sarah Jane Adventures episode. Liked it rather more than the opener, so have concluded that my problems with the first were mostly Slitheen (or actors playing the Slitheen) based, and am looking forward to the next episode.

Whilst on the topic of fandom, my FMA watching has drawn to a halt because, well, I've run out of episodes to watch, and Animasia still hasn't gotten the rest in yet. Bah humbug.

That said, *flail* at what I've seen so far. So very much love! What the adorable and fun-ness of it all, but with a really dark and nasty streak. And I love, like, all of the characters so far.

Though Ed has to be my favourite so far. No, this post totally wasn't just an excuse to use this icon. I have concluded that I consider him another of my platonic crushes, ala Luke Skywalker. (Namely, I madly love them both, but in a completely non-sexual or romantic way). Bless

And given I have seen up to episode 26 thus far, my most recent reaction...


...Ahem. Guess who really liked Hughes, and totally didn't see that coming.

*is waiting impatiently for the rest of the series to arrive*
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