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Possibly not the smartest thing I've ever done.


I may have, sorta kinda been up all night watching the rest of Fullmetal Alchemist. And now I has finished watching it all.

Um, squee?

And now, I Can Haz Recs Plz?

For those on my flist at all involved in the fandom, I'd like to hear suggestions for iconposts/iconmakers, comms, fanart, fanvids, and of course, fanfic.

I'm pretty much open to recs, since I'm not exactly coming into this fandom which much by preconceptions, though I'll admit to the preferences for the following, since they are currently what I'd like to read most.

For some reason, this fandom seems to have ended like Star Wars for me, and I'm feeling a distinct desire to keep things to mostly genfic, or at least to canon-ships and only light subtext.
Though, given the amount of characters with supremely messed up family issues and, you know, canon shape-shifters, darkfic dealing with said issues could possibly be welcome.

Of particular interest:
- Post movie fic with Ed and Al. Either them in our world at any point in their lives and boy, is that just waiting for Doctor Who crossovers, or the inevitable they get back to their own world fic. Short character stuff, long plotty stuff, whatever.
- Ed stuff set between the end of the series in the movie.
- Pretty much anything with Ed. What can I say, I love the character.
- ...But especially dealing with Ed and Al, and the whole brotherly love deal (Not in the incest way. I can understand where the ship comes from, I just prefer to read it as being, well, brotherly)
- On that subject, anything whatsoever with Hohenheim. Because he was freaking fascinating, and I want more. Especially between the series and the movie, dealing with Ed.
- While I'm on the subject of other interesting characters, Mustang's crew as a group. Because the bunch of them is such fun.
- Good AUs. I love a good plotty AU.
- Funny stuff. Humourous oneshots always entertain me.
...I'll probably add more stuff to this list as I think of it.

Icons would probably very appreciated, though. I want more
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