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What's that, you say? A social life?

I've been lazy about updating again. Um, whoops?

Not that I've been doing all that much, for the most part. Fandom's been fairly quiet, daft rumours aside. And Uni has been, well, Uni. Though I haven't any more Psych pracs left this semester. Only lectures for those subjects.

I did have a rather interesting Sociology lecture on Thursday, though, on Aboriginal Embassy in 1972. Though it was probably made more interesting by the fact that our guest lecturer was personally involved in it.

I have to agree with one of is fundamental points, though: There's a hell of a lot of really interesting Australian history that never gets taught or anything. (Case in point: This lecture)


What else? Went and saw Phantom of the Opera last night after Uni. Interestingly enough, though I have the soundtrack and listened to it all numerous times, I'd never actually seen Phantom preformed at all. So, it was interesting.

Quite good, too, even if the performance was delayed because right at the start, something went dodgy with the chandelier (It wouldn't lift. Or something). Certainly makes more sense seen that just listened to. Costumes were fab, also. And unlike fa11ing_away, I got to see Warlow instead of the understudy as the Phantom.

I will admit to being somewhat surprised at how... textual the Phantom's seduction of Christine was. I'd always assumed it was more subtext than anything else, but watching Music of the Night - and Point of No Return - felt disturbingly like watching foreplay.

Oh, and in a distinct change of tone (and class), tonight was Sugar Ball for FAS. Theme was Discworld, which was fun, even if costumes were rather more simple - mine was Adora Bell, and was basically gray skirt, black top, heels, hair slicked back. And a Chuba-Chub stick as a pseudo-cigarette. (My hair is rather too short to work for Magrat at the moment, alas).

There was some fun to be had, though. A deeply, deeply hilarious Eye of Argon reading, which had most people in utter hysterics. Some very primary school, but fun games. A couple of group races, in which I ended up getting a skinned knee from being dragged along the carpet. And somehow sitting on someone's head at some point.

And the piece de resistance, an Eragon pinata. Because there are few things quite so enjoyable as getting the chance to beat a paper mache Eragon with sticks, and end up with lollies.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Much fun indeed.
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