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This day is now closed

Well, the first open day for my lot is now over. I actually ended up going to Deakin as well as Monash today. Some interesting things which I saw:
- At Deakin in an insect collection, I saw the creepiest spider ever. It may be dead, but it still makes me shudder.
- I almost *squeed* over something in the Deakin Library. It was (get this) a vending machine. For stationary!
- I won a block of chocolate in a spot prize. And since I ended up missing meals, I had chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- At Monash, one of the halls of residence has a ferret for it's mascot. *dies*
- I also bought some silver earrings shaped like cherries. So cute!

If you want to study Harry Potter as a subject, do English at Monash. They have a whiole semester of fantasy novels, focusing on HP and LotR.

Geelong beat St. Kilda at the footy! So very, very happy...

And Eye of the Day is up at FA. It can be linked to here:

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