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I hate you, darthcorrie

I am currently suffering from a great deal of emotional stress and trauma, and it is ALL YOUR FAULT, darthcorrie. I hate you.

Because, you just had to hook me up with a site for reading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga online. And you just had to talk me into reading it once I finished watching the anime.

So, naturally I've spent the last week reading through the whole thing. Including the brand new chapter that just went online today.

And thus, darthcorrie, because of you I am now entirely caught up on the manga. And, because of you, that means I know have to wait an entire goddamn month to see how this diabolically evil cliffhanger of great alcsalhg;SHV-ness is due to be resolved. Warning: BIG FUCKING MANGA SPOILERS in that link

An entire MONTH! With THAT as the last thing that has shown up in the manga.

I hate you, darthcorrie, I really, really do.

*goes back to traumatized flailing in the corner*
Tags: fandom: fma, spoilers

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