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A list of Stuff (tm)

I have a whole bunch of assignments and essays and whatnot due coming up. So, naturally, this post is going to be all about fandom, and random cracktastic stuff I meant to post last week and never got around to.

Thus, in no particularly important order:

1. In a move that has shocked precisely, oooh, no-one, we have Gay!Dumbledore wank. Hopefully the first in a long and fabulously wanky future. Bless you, JKR, for something this marvellous.

2. In another bit of news that has caused fandom to explode - this time positively (for the most part) - that casting spoiler for Doctor Who's Children in Need special this year. Which has gotten me this fab icon, and a great deal of enthusiasm.

And a deep curiosity to that omnipresent Doctor Who question: But is it canon?

3. Last week in Star Trek club we watched some episodes of Banzai, which is cracktastic brilliance. I was mildly disappointed (though not entirely surprised) to find out that it is a spoof. Still cracktastic brilliance though. Naturally, it was courtesy of becker_'s televisual experiences.

4. Of course, for cracktastic hilarity from that meeting, nothing goes past the Bukkake Milk commercial. Yes, really. I'm fairly certain this is also a spoof, but man, I was almost hyperventilating from laughing so hard.

5. When I was at the Secular Club's AGM (Don't. Ask.), I was informed that their club's main aim was trolling.

I asked (and have been given permission) to troll in their name. *evil laugh*

6. darthcorrie, you really, really shouldn't have linked me to that site. Now I am working my way through the Death Note manga. I still hate and despise you, I should point out

7. One of the unit's downstairs is being repainted. It is entirely possible to get high off paint fumes just by standing in the hallway.

8. I have found that we shall be staying in this hotel in Thailand.

For those who didn't know: I'm going to Thailand at the end of November. Huzzah!

ETA: Still no comment notifications. *sighs* That's going to hurt when they start showing up.
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