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I am now craving apples. And chocolate.

So, I have now gone and finished reading the Death Note manga (It was my reward to myself for getting both this week's assignments done)

And I must say, all in all, I really liked it. Perhaps it isn't quite the level of love I have for FMA, but still rather a lot of love going on.

Especially for Light. I less-than-three Light. He's an evil sociopathic egocentric bastard, but he's so entertaining, I love him so.

Though I must admit, I'm mildly disappointed that it was Near of all people that got him in the end. Which is mainly due to the fact that of all the leads, Near was the one who interested me least.

I mean, L was utterly adorable, and Mello kicked major arse (even if he looked more like a girl than half the female characters did), but Near just didn't interest me much. He did grow on me after a while though - especially giving Mello all that credit at the end.

Also, Light bb? Plz be reading the Evil Overlord List. When you're cornered really isn't the best time for discussions of your moral motivations.

Actually, now that I mention it, I was somewhat disappointed in the final showdown. I mean the very end with the shooting and Ryuk and all was cool, but the fact that it seemed mostly devoted to tl;dr speechifying and monologuing from both Light and Near? Less than interesting. I signed on for cunning plans, dammit!

Anyhoo, my thoughts on the main characters in summary:

Light: As mentioned above, so much love. He's a horrible person but a brilliant character, and I was rather wanting him to win. Knew it would never happen, but it would have been so interesting (Yes, you can so point me to that AU right now)

L: Adorable. I'm not entirely sure I understand him, but he was fun, especially with all the him vs Light chapters (Yes, I can totally see the slash there. They were handcuffed together, for Christ's sake!). I rather wish he'd hung around longer because he's more interesting than Near.

Misa: I am oddly fond of Misa. I don't know why I like her, I just do. Yeah, she's not the brightest bulb around, and is scary possessive, but I found her oddly cute. And she wasn't nearly as stupid as some people seemed to think, judging by some of her actions.

Mello: You may look like a girl, but you kick total arse. And you should never feel second best when I'm concerned, bb.

Near: Eh. Not really a character that interested me much, though asking whatshisface to come back to New York just to be in first class with him was oddly endearing. As was giving the credit to Mello at the end.

Ryuk: Just plain fun, basically. Gotta love a shinigami with an apple fetish.

And the others: Matsuda was adorable, bless him. Mikami: Really, really really hot. I have no other thoughts on Mikami. Except that the "Delete" thing gave me Cyberman flashbacks

So, well, yeah. That's My Thoughts on Death NoteTM. Now for the same deal as last time: I wants recs. Fic, vids, fanart and most especially icons.

I must seek out the anime at some point, too.

*sighs* And I have a headache for some unknown reason now.
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