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Not the sort of surprise I like....

Say, if anyone on my flist just happens to have an extra bonus official DVD of Kung Fu Hustle that they've found among their DVDs/CDs, erm, could I please have it back?

Of particular note is anyone who's ever watched DVDs here at the iPartment. And altheas, 'cos of the whole used to live here thing.

Because I randomly wanted to watch it this evening, and dug out the box, but the disc was missing. Which was not a pleasing scenario, and since I can't find it anywhere, I'm assuming it's accidentally got mixed up in someone else's discs at some point.

So could people please check for me? It's the official DVD, and I did actually pay for it and all, and I'd rather like it back.

Also, streaming video is not the best quality. I wish to appreciate Hi-Res versions of the dancing gangsters, dammit!

ETA: Even in dodgy streaming video, Stephen Chow remains hot.

Also, according to wiki a Kung Fu Hustle 2 is in production to be released next year. Well, that's a must see.
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