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I was going to come up with some snappy line about how this totally wasn't a GIP...

...But, well, it really is gratuitous. Even if I do have actual other content.

And, erm, multiple icons I wish to show. The one up there is just one of several, so comments are required so I can respond to them with some of my shiny new icons. Well, it isn't my fault that my messing around online found me an anime icon-maker I decided I liked...

And the non-gratuitous stuff:

Yet more on the HP Lexicon Publishing wank.

And a Thing Whot I Dun Today (when I wasn't looking for icons, or printing out lecture notes to go over) was wander over to Sydney Road, and spend some time at Savers. Anyone who knows about me and op-shops could probably guess how that ended up (and for those who don't, it's basically a case of Draky will always end up going how with more clothes).

This expedition got me a silver silk scarf, a formal black A-line floor length shiny skirt, a blue Chinese silk skirt, a very shiny silver skirt, and the Coat of Awesome.

I also managed to discover one of the True Facts Of Creation: Everyone has always wanted an ankle length black trench coat. If you haven't always wanted one, you obviously haven't tried one on, because as soon as you do, you will have always wanted a floor length black trenchcoat.

What can I say, except it is a very awesome coat. It's almost identical to Neo's coat from the Matrix, only not as nice material (and girlier, being, you know, a women's coat). But it is terribly, terribly awesome. And I have always wanted one.

fa11ing_away took a picture of me in it, so when that gets uploaded, I may end up linking.

So, yeah, comment away so I can show off new icons. (Total of three, two FMA and one Death Note, all by lavaliere. Though my other Death Note icons, as well as my Freema and David NTA one and my Five and Ten one are also fairly new...) Just comment for the showing off of icons, plz?
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