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I have an exam tomorrow...

...So naturally, this post is going to be all about fandom and other inanities, and have no mention of anything Uni related whatsoever.

Also, it's somewhat of a GIP given I went and nabbed this one just this morning. (What can I say, except Pimpin! Mello is Pimpin'. And too awesome not to have an icon of)

Anyhoo, there has been yet another FW post about the Lexicon Lawsuit wank. Ypu've got to love this wank, the stupid: it just keeps on a-coming.

Over in Doctor Who fandom, it appears that the extras on the S3 boxset contain a guest appearance by Unexpected Naked Tennant! Which has certainly gotten parts of fandom quite worked up. Quite understandable, since Mr Tennant appears to have been working out and has some nice shoulders there.

And more seriously, a BBC press release about the return of Martha Jones and a certain S4 spoilery monster. Link also includes some fab group shots of the Doctor, Donna, Martha and Teh Alien.

Martha is looking mighty swish in those icons, in her lab coat and all the blacks. Very stylish. (I shall leave the debate Re: Rings she may or may not be wearing and their significance to others on my flist)

Though, those pics now make me want a "Two girls, a guy and a phallic looking alien" icon now.

And finally, I have discovered that no matter how irritatingly wanky someone might be, no comment, no matter the depths of it's particular stupidity, can ever possibly be taken seriously once you have gone and made the mental association between their username and Team Rocket.

Kudos to biichan for that rhyme and whomever first came up with the comparison. I can't look at half the new series threads wthout bursting into giggles any more.

ETA: I was originally going to quote that "Remember remember the fifth of November" thing in this post. But, I forgot.

Bite me, irony.
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