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How is it, exactly, that sitting in a chair for two hours can be so tiring?

So, that's my first exam over and done with - my Cog Psych exam was today. Right when the Melbourne Cup was on, too, so I'm still not entirely certain who won. Oh well.

Was mostly pretty good, except the last sub-topic. Which was, well, I hadn't turned up to the last couple of lectures, but assumed I had a grasp on things via the lecture notes and slides. Apparently not. But the other stuff was fine.

And I've another exam tomorrow. *groans* Which will be Intro to Psych Disorders, which I full expect I shall fail. Which sounds pessimistic, but I'm speaking in all honesty. I should be okay on the multi-choice parts, but have short answer? *winces*

At least I won't have to repeat it, given it's not being run under the Melbourne Model...

And after that, no more exams, just an assignment and a take home test to do. So some of this weekend will be spent at the library.

In rather more entertaining news, the Lexicon wank seems to have decided it's in for the long haul. That's four posts so far, and we haven't even gotten near a ruling on the case. *glees at epic wank*

Oh, and there are some rather fabulous pictures going round of David and Freema at the Doctor Who box set signing today. I'm sure there's even more out there, but I can't be bothered looking for the link right now. But they are wonderfully shiny.

And now that I am thinking of it, lifeonmartha has over 1000 members now, huzzah! A celebratory post, with banner and icons is forthcoming. As soon as one of us mods works out how to post icons, anyway.
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