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*dies and is dead*

Well, that's exam number two over and done with. It was rather better than I had hoped - I had something written down for all but one of the questions, even if some of them were me talking complete rubbish in hopes of sympathy marks, but it wasn't the great swaths of blank paper I was expecting to leave.

Still reckon I've failed, mind. Just not as catastrophically as I had initially expected.

As a reward to meself for getting both exams over and done with, I went to an op-shop I like, and got a cute red and gold baker's boy cap, and these adorably titchy little sunglasses. Also, some Pocky.

Oh, and then I went and inhaled a bug, which was somewhat less pleasant.

A few fannish updates:

The Lexicon wank proves it has stamina, with yet another new post.

Or if that isn't to your taste, there's an entirely separate HP wank to enjoy.

Over in Doctor Who, the lifeonmartha 1000 members celebrations are entirely underway, with drabble tag, random cheering on, and shiny shiny icons.

Go on everyone, write some drabbles, read some drabbles, or grab an icon of much shininess. *displays hers*

...And now I'm spent. *collapses*
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