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In a randomly Potterific mood

Huh. So, the wank that never ends has decided to, um, not end. And it looks like the Lexicon wank will be in for the long haul.

Ah, so much stupid, so little time.

Actually, I'm in a weirdly Harry Potter mood at the moment. Not entirely sure why, but that's just the way of things. And thus I am in the mood for Harry Potter fics. I'll be digging around myself, but for the HP fen on my flist, feel free to drop in recs for plotty post-DH fics. Preferably gen or non ship focused, and either in the 19 years gap or post-epilogue.

Actually, I'm just in a terribly weird mood overall right now. Was getting all teary about absolutely nothing earlier, and am otherwise feeling rather apathetic and short attention span-ish.

Oh well. *goes to try and find fic to read*
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