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Life. And stuff.

Conclusion I have come to: Impulse buys are a good thing. Particularly when you can find brand new shoes for ten bucks.

Because, you know, everyone needs a pair of 4-inch heels in cherry red patent leather. Or at least everyone needs a pair of 4-inch heels in cherry red patent leather when they cost $10.

Still, I is happy. Pity the weather has gotten suddenly hot and summery, so I probably won't be wearing them much.

Also, am quite tired because my attempts to sleep last night seemed to fail miserably. Oh well. At least the Doctor Who CiN thing will be airing overnight for me, which will give me something to watch tomorrow morning.

Elsewhere in fandom, This is the wank that never ends, yes HP fandom goes on and on my friends...

(I think the Lexicon wank has passed being a miniseries, and has now being a serial. Few more episodes, and we'll start having to divide it into seasons)

ETA: As of 1:38am, two and a half hours after posting, both people who have commented about this have focused on the shoes. And both are guys.

I find this strangely amusing.
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