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So, those last couple of days have gone quickly. And the next three before I fly off into the wild blue yonder shall go even quicker, I expect.

Still, a summary of the last couple of days:


- Handed in my final assignment for the year. And lo, that was the end of Uni! Now I just need to wait for results.
- Also went and sorted out my subjects for next year, and general re-enrolment. Subjects are, well, subject to change depending on results and timetabling and all, but since they need to be in by the end of the week, it was handy to have done.
- Got phone set up for International roaming, which should be working now. Yes, you may be able to contact me in Thailand. Though I shall only send texts back, 'cos it's cheaper.
- Then found fa11ing_away, and headed down to a survey place thing in Southbank, in which we answered questions about advertising and got paid for it.
Sixty dollars, in fact. Whoo, free money!
- And then we had dumplings, and went to JB Hi-Fi. I bought the DVD of Hot Fuzz, because it is made of win and on special.
- Oh, and the day's weather could be pretty much summed up by this comment of fa11ing_away's: When the Yarra river starts looking tempting, you know it's hot. (37.6 degrees. WTF, weather, WTF? It's not even summer yet!)


- Caught up on my sleep.
- Bought some sunglasses with actual UV protective value. They have very shiny reflective lenses.
- Also brought sunglasses with yellow glass lenses. Which have no UV protective value, but look very cool.
- Discovered there were no movies worth watching in cinemas right now.
- Watched the final episode of Sarah Jane Adventures instead.


- Erm, I listened to music, and did laundry.
Which is vitally important I'll have you know, since I'll need clean underwear in Thailand!
- Lolled over the fact there was yet another new update to the Lexicon wank

And to do tomorrow

- Purchase a new hairbrush, comb, and some roll-on deodorant.
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