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Toodles, all!

Well, in about half an hour or so - whenever Mum shows up - I shall be heading off to the airport, and in the general direction of Thailand.

And that means I won't be having any internet access for a bit over a week - I'll be back early afternoon on Monday 3rd December.

In any case, I am pretty much packed now, with all the essentials (I hope...), and ready to go.

Oh, and also noting that I really won't be arsed going to backread through an entire week's worth of flist, so if there's any posts you particularly want me to read, links to check out and so on and so forth, drop a link here and I'll take a look when I get back. Or if it's something confidential, tell me you have something you want me to see, and I'll comment when I get back and we can have a screened convo.

If you deign to think of me, remember, I shall be lounging on the beaches of Thailand. *cackles evilly*

So, this is me signing off temporarily, and saying toodles to you all.
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