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So, I is back from Thailand...

...and one of the first things I've done is backread my flist. (Well, as far as skip=980, anyway)

And all I have to say on things is two words:

Oh, fandom!

*beats head on desk*

(Given my flist situation, I've only seen a brief run down of things from news posts, and a brief look in at FW. Do use this post as a place to drop in any more relevant info I need to know. Or you think will entertain me. Especially if it's over at the OG, since what I've seen so far here is terrifying enough.

This is applies to other fandom stuff, or whatever the hell the deal with LJ is right now)

*Note: There will be a proper post about my holiday, with photos and descriptions and all sorts of stuff. Just, not today
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