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You know, I really meant to update earlier...

Ooops. I keep meaning to update, and then not getting around to it, meaning that I'm losing track of my train of thought and not posting about things I totally mean to (like Spamalot, or the 21st last weekend).

Oh well, too late now.

Also, I originally intended this to be a no fandom at all post. But fandom decided that just wasn't on, so so much for that idea.

In dot points, because I am tired and lazy.

The Yay!

- The Chapel St store of Dizingof (Posh little designer boutique I love. Awesome, but kinda pricey) is moving, so they were having a two for one sale. Thus, I spent the day on Chapel St.

From Dizingof, I got a rather funky dress, this suede-y vest thing and a boned Obi. Also got a couple of scarves and a Asian-style top from an op-shop. (Yes, I know, go to Chapel St and still end up buying second hand stuff).

Please don't ask me how much it cost, because even with a 2 for 1 sale it's kind of embarrassing.

- While I'm on the subject of stuff I bought, one of the things I didn't mention in my absence is my recent DVD additions: Doctor Who S3 boxset (because I couldn't not get it), POTC3, the original Matrix movie, and Princess Tutu, of all things, since I seem to keep getting it recommended at me.

- One reason for buying Princess Tutu (and looking into a bunch of other anime) - and for that matter, why I wasn't planning on this being a fandom-y post - was that I had rather lost my squee over Doctor Who, to the point I was actually more excited about Torchwood than it.

Which was a rather surreal feeling.

However, my squee just came back with a vengeance today, courtesy of these mildly spoilery pictures.

Aside from the Squee inducing fact of UNIT returning, the fact that the speculation of Martha being in UNIT seems to be possibly gaining validity has me no end of thrilled.

Because if it ends up true, and Martha's working for UNIT, I think I shall die of the awesome. I mean, UNIT is awesome, Martha is awesome, combine them together and you get an overload of awesome (and hopefully some freaking brilliant fanfic).

Also, Freema just looks damned cool in that outfit. It's as Ninja-worthy as her LotTL one, only with her hair out it's, well, hotter.

All I need is some better shots of it, and I'll be begging people for iconage.

- Speaking of iconage, I had no desire for a Kylie in Who icon at all thus far (nothing against Kylie, I was just generally having trouble working up enthusiasm for Who), but then I saw the DWM cover, and have now decided I must have an icon of that Kylie and the Dalek shot. Or perhaps this clearer one. (Pic courtesy of elen_ancalima.

Can anyone provide links or even icons themselves that would be suitable? Cookies and love to anyone who can.

...I do intend to get a Donna icon at some point, I just can't find one I like or isn't made by certain people I have no wish to associate with.

The Boo!

- Terry Pratchett has early onset Alzheimers. As I have commented elsewhere, umpteen million dreadful writers, and it has to be one of the few consistently good ones that gets sick? There really isn't any justice.

(Though it isn't that early for it to onset, since Alzheimer's type dementia generally starts to show at 65 and Pterry is 59...)

The Huh...

- So, I think everyone has heard JKR made a few handwritten copies of Beedle the Bard for a few friends, and one extra was to be auctioned to charity. Well, it was auctioned off, all right. And the final bid: almost four million US dollars! And the buyer was Amazon. However, good on them for giving all the fans a rundown of the contents, even if it isn't a word for word reproduction.

- Doctor Who fandom has been wanked again. Shock, horror. Though it is a rather amusing wank (if not quite the epic heights of the Ninja Marthafen one)
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