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Christmas presents, both real and metaphorical

Since it seems to be all over the place, I give you the Torchwood S2 trailer. It could use more Martha, since she's in 3 episodes and James Masters is in just one and he's everywhere. Not that I'm too concerned about that *flashes back to Spike fangirling days*

So, when will we start to get iconage from the screencaps?

Still getting weirded out by this more enthusiasm for Torchwood than Who thing, though the spoilers coming in from the Christmas Special press screening are starting to build my enthusiasm.

Though I can't help but be amused by this (spoilery) picture Or rather what I imagine the reaction in certain circles will be.

In other news, I have actually worked out what I am getting the family for Christmas. Haven't actually bought it yet, but still I know what I'm buying and where from.

And it includes none of your suggestions. Fat lot of good you lot were!

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