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Well, that was fun.

And my Christmas shopping is over and done with. I shan't mention just what it was I got for people, since I am aware that Mum, at least, occasionally drops in to read this LJ.

But it is good to get that over and done with.

Though actually getting it over and done with was rather... "fun". Emphasis on the quotation marks there. Mainly because I ended up doing my Christmas shopping in the GODDAMN MELBOURNE WEATHER.

I mean, all sticky and sweaty and getting a great deal of use out of the sunnies in the morning, and then getting completely and utterly drenched in the pouring rain in the afternoon (whilst wearing a white t-shirt, no less) was not exactly one of the most enjoyable experiences around.

Particularly when you are walking for blocks in the pouring rain, with your arms full of insanely heavy bags that are starting to disintegrate and the whole way you are attempting not to slide out of your sandals.

Yeah, fun.

Of course, I mightn't have helped matters much what with the metric shitload of second hand books I bought. I guess I was just in a buying things mood.

I did get a $10 voucher for the second hand book place. I think I shall put it with my $40 Dizingof voucher from a few days back, and hope there are some nice post-Christmas sales coming up.

(Yes, I am aware that complaining about the rain given the freaking drought and all isn't very selfless. I have no problems with rain, I just wish it wouldn't happen when I am trying to do my Christmas shopping).

In other news, I am planning on vamoosing back to the farm on Sunday morning. So, as of then I shall be offline and only contractable by phone until I get back (Thursday or Friday next week, not sure which).
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