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Not happy, Jan.

I am currently terribly cross with V-Line. Specifically, the people who man the information/time-table phone line for V-Line.

Why? Well, the other day, I rang to ask what time the Warrnambool to Melbourne train left at. And instead, the gave me the time for the Melbourne to Warrnambool train. And thus I ended up in Warrnambool four hours early today.

Not impressed at all.

Yeah, I managed to kill all the time eventually (Spent about half of it at the cinema, watching Enchanted - which was not bad, cute and funny, if not exactly on my top ten films for the year), but still...

Not impressed at all.

And from the looks of my flist, fandom isn't exactly about to fill me with joy, either.

Maybe I'll just go back to reading my book (The Lies of Locke Lamora. I'm about halfway through, and really liking it thus far)

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