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Feeling Literary

Ack! Not only am I part way through this dratted essay, but I seem to have accumulated some interesting book related stories. Some are better than others, but the first is a killer...

Okay then:
Yesterday I was in the CBD to go buy my next text for Lit, amongst other things, and so went into Angus and Robertson (the one on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth) to see if they had Kafka's Metamorphosis. Whilst in there, naturally I went to check out the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section. And I noticed for some reason the whole shelf which normally contains all the Pratchett books was completely empty, and had a sign saying to ask at the counter about Pratchett.
Naturally, I was intrigued, and so asked. And I was told that all the Pratchett books were now kept in the back room. When I asked why, I was informed that it was because apparently when they are left on the shelves, they get stolen at a huge rate - people just come in with bags and take away armfuls.

This just cracked me up - of all things, it is Pratchett books that get stolen the most (There weren't any other shelves blank that I had noticed). I mean, you'd think it'd be something really mainstream popular like Da Vinci Code *shudders* or Harry Potter. But it's Pratchett!


I also saw The Princess Bride was in the Literature section which amused and pleased me. *loffs Princess Bride*

And a rather amusing start to one of the short stories in the Kafka text that I thought I might share:
"Esteemed gentlemen of the academy!
You have done me the honour of asking me to present a report to the academy concerning my past life as an ape."

Oh, and in my wild shopping spree, I also managed to finally spend my Sportsgirl gift voucher from Christmas. There was a sale on, and so managed to buy, going only $5 over the voucher:
- A long purple velvet skirt *loffs*
- Some pinkish coloured cords
- A very very pretty purple top
- A pair of pink Argyle socks
- A reddish scarf
- And my very favourite, a new hat! I love my new hat - it is a tweed fedora thing, and is cool beyond words.

And in other news, hi there aeque. Has been an age since you were around, eh? Welcoming back to my LJ!

And because I am still not happy with the responses, the (half-done) fandom meme:

1. Harry Potter - Harry, from aeque. Because I can't help but love a hero, especially a tragic angsty ones. And I just can't help but feel sorry for the poor dear.
2. Star Wars - Luke Skywalker, from aeque. See No #1 for most of my reasons, but I have adored Luke for ages. And the ending of RotJ...with him and Vader and the Emperor...quite possibly my favourite film moment ever.
3. Discworld - Death, from aeque. Because Death just rocks. Though I must say, he does share the honour with Vetinari, who I find oddly fascinating - but you gotta love a man with power, eh?
4. Buffy - Spike, from neo_leviathan. Because he is just so wonderfully snarky and sarcastic, but also a real sweetheart (though he'd never admit it) Also, he's just so damn sexy!
5. Futurama - Zapp Brannigan, from aeque. Oh, Zapp cracks me up so much. A complete and arrogant bastard, but so completely stupid you can't help but laugh at him.And source of some of the best quotes ever...
6. Red Dwarf - Rimmer, from aeque. Funniest guy in the show. And he is just such a bastard. Though I utterly adore Ace - who is technically the same guy when you get down to it. What a guy!
7. Good Omens - Crowley, from neo_leviathan. Another of the wonderfully sarcastic types, as well as being the coolest guy ever.
8. Thursday Next books - Emperor Zhark, from aeque. Cos Zhark is just so funny. A slightly stupid sort of book villian (which is what he's supposed to be - very cliche), but he just cracks me up hugely, especially when he plays innocent.
9. Pirates of the Caribbean - Captain Jack Sparrow, from neo_leviathan. Not only is Johnny Depp my favourite actor, but he makes such a wonderfully unique and funny character, who just steals the whole show. And another of the incredibly good looking types *sigh*...
10. Dogma - The Metatron, from saikogrrl. The funniest guy in the entire movie, which is saying something considering how brilliant it really is. And just so sweet and snarky and freaking amazing. And that voice...

Come on people, have a guess!

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