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How to cheer oneself up about fandom again...

Step 1: Read through the entire Doctor Who love meme.

Step 2: Immediately afterwards, watch Voyage of the Damned for the first time.

See, I liked it. No, it isn't going to be making my top 10 Doctor Who stories any time soon. And it was overlong, and had some laughably OTT moments and displayed that RTD has a serious Christianity fetish for an atheist.

And, you know, looking back on it there were some subtexts that show that RTD is nowhere near as progressive as he likes to think he is.

But all that said, I liked it. Astrid was cute and likable in the sort of generic default companion manner, and the guest cast were amusingly quirky, and there were some good funny lines, and some I hope will mean good running themes for S4.

And the S4 trailer was good, as was the Torchwood S2 one.

Both could have been improved by more Martha, but that's because everything's better with Martha.

Actually, I have concluded that I have done the exact same thing with Martha that I did with Ten: Namely, spent so long being arguing for them and for giving a chance to the people irrationally bashing them based on nothing other than they aren't the character they miss, that I've somehow argued myself into loving them to the point that they are my very favourite characters in the entire show.

And that is why, I will always love Martha (aside from the whole, you know, made of awesome thing) and why I will always love Ten, even when he's being an arse.

...And that's your philosophical fandom message for the day.

*toddles off to find new icons*
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