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Just when I've gotten used to ending dates with 07...

And thus it's a whole new year. No resolutions for me, because I think they are just plain pointless, and no yearly sum-up post (though if I get bored I may do one later on. By which I mean in the next few days).

But that's another year over and done with (and damn it seems to have gone quickly), and another New Year's rung it.

The Good: New Years Eve with friends was actually a lot of fun. Best New Year's I've had in years, actually.

The Bad: 41 fucking degrees Celsius! Hottest day in all of 2007, apparently, and today was even worse!

Yeah, I like it when the weather is warm, but this is not warm, this is painful.

Painful evil weather aside, it was a good night. I toddled down to tinyteddyqueen and becker_'s place, and along with them and fa11ing_away and forsakendaemon and a few other peoples, we ended up hanging around by Albert Park Lake, having a barbeque. There was even a weirdly tame swan hanging around, which everyone seemed to get loads of pictures of.

We also managed to amuse ourselves by feeding the seagulls wasabi coated peas, and playing with glowsticks (Yay, shiny!) And, being Uni students, there was also of course alcohol.

Later on, we headed out to St Kilda pier, and sat around there so we could watch the fireworks. It was rather good, actually, since we could see about five different lots of fireworks going off. Not the Yarra city ones, tough.

Oh, and my one (just after midnight) kiss thus far this year has been with a gay guy. Apparently this is worth boasting about.

After drinks and fireworks and random kisses and perving at shirtless guys jumping in the bay from the pier (and much chatting about ourselves, sexuality, and Doctor Who which wasn't all my fault! we then headed back to Goldie and Tris's joint, where we went and watched the first season of The IT Crowd. Which was amusing, in a low budget, British way (Richmond is my favourite character).

Also, the short movie in the special features is a thing of genius. Though that may be the I-watched-it-at-4-am-after-drinking talking.

And then we crashed for the night. And in the morning, had M&M pancakes (really yum) and watched The Late Show DVDs (The Australian comedy show, I mean).

And that was my New Years.

I'm sure it says a rather large about my personality.

But Happy New Years to everyone. *attempts to deal with it being 2008*
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