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Should I have some kind of celebration?

So, I have finally reached 8000 tracks on iTunes, as of, erm, yesterday.

For some reason, this pleases me immensely. Then again, I had been wondering how long it would take since I got over about 7500.

(The 8000th track would be one of the bunch Toy Dolls songs I downloaded the other. I find this oddly pleasing, too, because you can't support a band that does a cover of The Final Countdown with kazoo solos).

In other news, the Torchwood S2 start date has been announced - as like everyone had guessed, it's the 16th, at 9pm - and there is an extended Torchwood trailer going round. There's also supposedly a specific one for the first ep, but I haven't seen that online yet.

It needs more Martha, but otherwise looks wonderfully exciting and, well, good. Though fandom seems to be rather more caught up in a certain moment of the trailer (Slashers who have not as yet seen this trailer, plz be watching it now, kthx) than the rest...


Otherwise I'm finding fandom on the dull side. Almost two weeks until Torchwood starts, none of the Whofic being written is appealing to me much, and I don't think we'll be getting much more by the way of Who spoilers until the next DWM is out. Which is soonish, I believe.

No wonder I seem to be randomly lurking around Indiana Jones and Batman forums, checking out the spoilers and just general random fandom and squee.

Someone entertain me, plz?

ETA: Check out this totally awesome HBP movie poster! Pretty certain it's fan-made, but still: Awesome.
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