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Of Horny Ninjas and SQUID!

So, last night I went and experienced many lulz, of the comedic form.

Or to be more precise, along with fa11ing_away and tinyteddyqueen and becker_ and a bunch of other people, we went and saw a bunch of comedians perform at this club in Northcote.

The club itself was, shall we say, not the most expensive when it came to decor. Also, it was like freaking insanely crowded. But it was only $12, and I was entertained, so that doesn't matter so much.

Ross Noble was great, really, really funny - though I'm not sure what it says about a show when the MC is the funniest performer of the lot.

But there were some rather hilarious running gags - I feel sorry for the poor Tattooed woman (Tristan? Not so much) - particularly SQUID! Oh, and the bit about the Horny Ninja's is probably going to stay with me for a long, long time.

(Please don't ask me to explain these things, they're mostly "You had to be there" moments)

The two acts before the interval were okay, but the ones after were actually quite good. Though, like I said, Ross Noble was funnier than the lot of them.

Next week sounds really good, though - I actually recognised the names of like all the performers - so it's highly likely I shall return again.

Today was... less exciting, consisting only of having another person come check out the room at the iPartment. Oh, and some international student with an accent I couldn't understand ringing about the place as well. And me doing laundry.

Isn't my life thrilling?
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