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Proof that comic book stores contain evil

So, today I fell down the stairs at the comic store.

Because I am just. That. Good.

(In case you're wondering, I've no major injuries, just a number of bruises. And a swollen lump on my forearm)

In less painful and mildly embarrassing news, I also appear to have developed the ability to only have potential housemates call me when I am in the middle of something. Not only was there that guy yesterday, who rang when I was trying to let another potential in to check out the iPartment, but I git rung about it today twice, once whilst I was trying on a skirt, and once when I was about to get survived at a comic shop (not the one with the stairs, another one).

As super-powers go, this is an exceedingly pointless one.

Oh, and I also dropped in to see lizbee and her now-in-Melbourne job. We chatted, and I generally hung around and got in the way of people doing actual work. It was great fun!

And now I wish to try and get my body clock on something resembling normal hours, so I shall be heading bedwise shortly.
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