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We did it for the Lulz!

So, since I enjoyed last week's comedy session in Northcote, I decided to join the gang (or team or what have you) and go again this week.

And I have to say, it was even better this week. As well as Ross Noble MC-ing again, we had Lawrence Leung, Geraldine Quinn and... some other people, whose names I forget. They were funny, though (well, most of them were, anyway).

Highlights of the show included:
- Lawrence Leung's Power Point presentation on why "The brooding attractiveness of Colin Firth is a myth". I haven't laughed that hard in ages, it was brilliant.
- Geraldine Quinn's songs. Yes, all of them.
- Ross Noble's inability to keep on-topic for two minutes straight. We had some fabulous random tangents...
- fa11ing_away becoming a running joke, and unintentional punchline as "The Girl who failed Anatomy" (Sorry, Rina, but it was funny)
- And Ross Noble wore my hat!

Actually, that brings my count of comedians who have complimented my headwear up to three now.

Oh, and after the show, when we went for late night Turkish food, we almost had a random guitar player start serenading us.

Shall most likely be back again next week, even if I am not as familiar with the names. But this week was so terribly, terribly funny, even if we did have to sit on the floor.
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