Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Grr, Evil Computers!

Well that just sucks mightily. I went and had this whole great post about what's happening in my life, and because of some bloody stupid systems error, the entire freaking thing got EATEN by the damn computer. And now I can't remeber all that I wrote...*shakes fist at system*

Most of it related to yesterday...the day before, now that I come to look at the time...

Firstly - Finished the damnable Lit Essay. Is writen, printed, handed in and received by tutor. Much relief. And only one more essay to go for Lit this semester...

Secondly - Maths test was on Monday morning. Of the seven questions, I managed to answer the first five in their entirety, but I couldn't do the last two, because I...er, forgot how. *feels stupid* At least that means the end of mid-year type things, and no more assignmenet work for a little while at least.

Thirdly - Due to the allnighter I pulled to get all the Lit et al done on time, there was extreme tiredness on Monday. In response to that, immediately after my last lecture, I headed right back to IH and SLEPT. And it wasn't just ordinary sleep - it was EPIC. As in from about 5pm to 9.30 the next morning. And with only a short break at about midnight for a shower. *Is feeling refreshed*

Fourth..oh, you get the picture.
- Got some rather interesting mail. After quite a while, the money from my Grandfather's will haas come through. So now in possession of a large check I must remember to deposit sometime in the not too distant future.

- And on the subject of money, Quick Brown Fox in the city is on the lookout for a sales assisstant. So I shall have to remember to also print out a resume and cover letter for them before I head into the city again (either this Thursday or weekend)

- My Lit lesture today got cancelled. Apparently, the lecture theatre was double booked, and the other group had a test or something and outranked us Lit people. So no lecture. And we were doing Kafka, which I actually like. (But not as much as Eliot, being the poetry fiend that I am.)

- Spent most of my lunchtime, as well as the free Lit time, playing Munchkin with Second Floor types. It was much fun. *loffs Munchkin* Also, whilst in the second floor region, I went and leant my copy of Something Rotten to laurenmitchell, in exchange for one of her X-Files DVDs. Good Gods, it has been a long time since I watched anything X-Files. I actually kinda miss it.

- Next Monday is ANZAC day. Yay, no classes!

And Random Quote of the Day:
"The arse is for sodomising!"

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