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Who could possibly resist the combined attraction of Johnny Depp and cheap bowling?

So, who here doesn't have anything on tomorrow? And, erm, is in Melbourne?

Because I decided that I was going to take advantage of Cheapskate Tuesday and go see Sweeney Todd. And then fa11ing_away decided that she wanted to take advantage of the cheap bowling, and thus we now have an afternoon and evening planned, and other peoples are invited to come along.

Basically, the rough schedule is as follows:

- 12pm: Meet up in the city. (Probably at the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale, outside QV)
- Grab something for lunch from the food court or somewhere nearby. And then head on up for cheap bowling at Strike.
- 6.30pm: See Sweeney Todd at Melbourne Central (If you just want to see the movie, meet outside the cinema from 6 to 6.15)

I am sure we can find some way of occupying the time inbetween.

This invite goes out to pretty much all the Melbourne types on my flist.

So far fa11ing_away and Me are in, and tinyteddyqueen said she might want to see the movie again.

But let me know if you want in on the bowling, the movie, or both. You can respond here, on the facebook event I'm about to set up, or by giving me a text/call.
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