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I totally have "A Little Priest" stuck in my head now

So, the exciting and wonderous adventure I planned went ahead yesterday. And it was rather fun. Would have liked it if more people could have come along, but, well, we can't always get what we want. It was still fun.

Anyhoo, first up after lunch was bowling, which was terribly fun. Came second out of three in the first game, and won the second. I also had the highest overall score. *gloats mildly*

After that were some great laneway adventures. Things I discovered included this cute little anime shop, where I got DVDs of the live action Death Note movies really cheap.

Oh, and you can get totally awesome backpacks really cheap at disposal stores. And anything pink is half the price of everything else. So I got a neat pink backpack for $7, which shall be very useful in taking my books to Uni.

- Wait, I'm wrong, disposals store was before bowling. Doesn't matter.

And then there was Koko Black, and people buying random card games at Mind Games, and then meeting up with tinyteddyqueen and becker_ for lunch at Taco Bill's.

And then I killed time and ended up seeing Sweeney Todd on my own. Ah well.

I must say, I rather liked it, but then I've never actually seen the stage production so I had nothing to compare it to. I have a soundtrack I've listened to, but I only got that a couple of days ago (Kthanx, crossoverman), and so while I can conclude that the singing wasn't nearly as strong in the movie, it wasn't so bad that it detracted from my enjoyment in any way.

Also, the whole thing just looked so awesome. And as shallow as it may be, I like the occasional eye-candy movie, even if it's stylised gothic looking eye-candy.

Also, on a random note, despite me being a faint at the sight of blood type (and I'm being literal about that - I once had to leave the room during a freaking first aid video because the staged injuries almost made me pass out), I had like no problem with the violence whatsoever.

Which is odd. Oh well, I liked it.

ETA: I hate my brain. Because of a comment I wrote, I now want to see a Silence of the Lambs/Sweeney Todd crossover. Because, Hannibal Lecter...
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