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I really do need more Torchwood icons, I'm just too lazy to get some

I'm not entirely sure why, but I haven't a real lot to say about this week's Torchwood. Which isn't a criticism of the episode at all - I enjoyed it more than last weeks, really, and think that in plotting terms it's the best of S2 so far - I just... have very little to say about it at the moment.

Maybe I'm tired, maybe I'm distracted, maybe I'm just in an odd mood.

Well, I'll say my little bit.

First thought: Helen Raynor is so much better at the smaller personal stories than the big flashy stuff. Even though I don't dislike the S3 Dalek eps half as much as some people, I do think that she the Who bosses should perhaps give her episodes to write that play to her strengths a little more.

Second thought: I could not get over how much Tommy looked like movie!Neville Longbottom with a hair cut. I know the actors are brothers, but the similarity - not just appearance, but even the characters they were playing - weirded me out at times.

Third thought: You know, Naoko Mori is a really good actress when she's actually given stuff to do. I'd never really noticed before.

(Digression to My Thoughts On Torchwood ActorsTM: Burn Gorman's the best actor of the lot, though it's taken until S2 before I would consider Owen a decent human being. Eve Myles is also quite good, she just has to work against some at times rather dodgy scripting for Gwen. Gareth David-Lloyd really should stay away from emo cryface, but has killer comic timing. And I talked about John Barrowman last week)

Fourth thought: It was nice to see a bit more timey-wimey stuff, even if it was all just a bit of a MacGuffin to set up the tragic romance.

Fifth thought: They were totally mining the jumpy spooky atmosphere ghost story schtick in the hospital scenes.

Sixth thought: Okay, I'll admit it, I teared up when Tosh said the "brave and handsome hero" bit at the end.

Final thought: They're so totally setting up Tosh/Owen, aren't they?

On one hand, even if Owen is a lot more likable this series, I'm not entirely certain I want that. On the other, it'd be nice to see one of RTD's patent "non-white character unrequietedly in love with someone who prefers the white girl/boy" actually get her man for once.

ETA: Apparently I had no thoughts on the Jack/Ianto kiss. Huh.

ETA2: 1918!Torchwood fic. There should be some.
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