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I am too lazy to come up with a witty heading

Theoretically, I would be writing a post about the comedy night last night. But what is there to say, really?

Lulz were had. Ross Noble was funny. There were amusing running jokes, like the thing with the Whale horn and the Lemon Lady. It was horribly, terribly hot. And the next show will be the last one.

Etcetera and so forth.

In more recent news, our upcoming replacement for Chris The Nonexistant showed up to sign some forms at the iPartment. Which is good news, as we'll actually have a third housemate et al, and means a lack of having to advertise any more.

I also have a new book! Well, two new books. First was the third Felix Castor novel, Dead Men's Boots by Mike Carey. I just finished it, and it was quite good. But then, you can't deny the appeal of a book with a zombie hacker.

I also possess the newest Obernewtyn book. I haven't as yet started it, as it may take some time to get through. Also, it's been an age since I read that series, so I may need to brush up on the plot before I get into it.

And I can't really be bothered to talk about fandom right now, so I'll just drop some links:
- Cinema trailer for Doctor Who S4 Need more icons of that Martha scene
- Shiny exciting Torchwood spoilers. Particular note to the pictures for Adam and Reset, and all the summaries of unscreened eps.
- New DWM cover.
- Also, over at lifeonmartha, there's been some lovely icons of recent pictures by angelfireeast and holo_daxy. And the Countdown to Martha has just generally been great.
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