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My life, isn't it thrilling...

So, last night was the final night of Comedy at 303. For now, anyway.

It started an hour earlier, and had extra comedians because it was a grand finale et al. However, tinyteddyqueen and becker_ missed the first half because they were installing a toilet (or something), so I hung out with Sam and Chis beforehand, when they had dinner at Lamb-O's (I'm not trying to annoy you, Goldie, but I can't think of it as anything else, now...)

Anyhoo, as always Ross Noble was hilarious, some of the other comedians were good, and some were not as good. I particularly liked a group called "Hound of the Baskervilles" who did a whole bunch of movie parody stuff.

We also has some amusing running jokes about this bloke with dreadlocks trawling for women with his hair. And, erm, lesbians.

Oh, and Ross had, of all things, a Hamilton Spectator which he did a bit of mocking with. (The Spec is the local paper of the area my parents live. And yes, the region is just that mockable. *went to primary school in a town voted the state's most boring*)

And of cause were our many and numerous guest appearances from Brenton, the audience member with an incredibly irritating laugh, who ended up selling badges in the hallway. Which were amusing to start with, but kind of got old after a while (and possibly a little cruel, since I got the strong impression Brenton had some sort of mental problem).

It did lead us to probably the only time a comedy gig has passed around a collecting glass in order to pay one of the audience members to leave, though...

Today was much less exciting. Slept in, and then wandered over to Lygon Street for a bit.

Bought a bunch of books from the second-hand place (Brian Caswell's two Deucalion books, Ashling, since I don't own a copy even if I've read it several times. And the first couple of Diane Duane's Young Wizards books, since I've only heard good things about them. And Ms Duane is always awesome on FW).

Oh, and Ishka had a sale on. And yes, I know Ishka sells all those new age-y hippie sort of clothes, but the key fact is that they were new age-y hippie sorts of clothes on sale. And so I got a couple of things.

Oh, and then since it was a Monday and I was near Nova, I went and got a cheap ticket to go see Juno. Which was actually quite good - sweet and clever, and loved the style it was filmed in - even if it's not an instant favourite of mind.
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