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Your magically delicious news for today

The big news for the day: fa11ing_away and I have a new housemate!

Since Chris The Non-Existent has decided become even more non-existent (or even less existent - grammar emergency here!), a replacement was required. And so, that place went to Matt Who Is Yet To Get A Nickname, who went and moved into the iPartment.

Not that you can really tell - it's still real quiet around here. It was quiet before Chris ninjaed himself away last week (I'm being a bit literal there. One day there was a pile of boxes in the living room, the next they were gone, the room was empty, and the key was on the table. I never actually saw Chris do any moving); it was quiet when Chris was gone, and it is still quiet.

Or maybe I'm just distracted and sleepy.

What else happened today?

Oh, I checked my time-table for this semester. It actually looks quite decent to start out with - Fridays off, starting at 11am all other days, decent lunch breaks, no really late nights. The only thing that could possibly be an issues is that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have classes at 2ish, which means no long arvos of random club stuff.

But it seems fairly decent to me, which is pleasing.

And in probably more interesting news to people who don't go to Uni, I also went and bought some comics today - and unlike last time I completely failed to fall down any stairs, so my l33t skillz have obviously improved.

Anyway, I got myself the rest of Preacher, so I've now got all the trades of that, some more Y: The Last Man, since I'm trying to catch up on it, and some of the Death Note manga, because it is win.

I also got NextWave, because it is glorious, glorious crack which everyone should read. I blame scans_daily for getting me hooked on it

...That was a surprisingly eventful day, actually.
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