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Pimping and TV (But not at the same time)

lifeonmartha is running another friending meme, since it's been a while since the last one, and what with Martha's Torchwood appearances and everything.

So, if you like Martha and want some new people on your flist, go on, check it. *pimp pimp pimpity pimp*

...And apart from that there hasn't been a real lot going on in my life this weekend. I mean, coming up is O-Week, so I'll have to toddle over to Uni and sign up for my clubs for the year - speaking of, clubs people, what's going on with the tables? Anyone in need of my help and/or fandom related tat to display?

Oh, and I've been catching myself up on my televisual type media. Go me.

Things I watched:

- Episode Three of Ashes to Ashes.
Which I think is finally starting to find it's groove, actually. At least, it's starting to gel properly for me. The first two eps had potential, but somehow I didn't find them working as well as a whole - some rather jarring swings in tone and so in. This episode seemed much more balanced to me. I mean, it still hasn't achieved the heights of Life on Mars, but it's much better to watch in my opinion.

- The Pilot of Being Human.
Which, to my mild amazement, actually lived up to the reputation that my flist had of it. Mostly, anyway. I think I shall be rather cross if it isn't picked up for more episodes.

My one real problem with it is a stupid, petty, ridiculous nitpick, but I just can't stop it niggling away at me: How the hell does the ghost thing work with Annie?

Not the "she used to be invisible and now she isn't" thing, since I rather like the subtext of her becoming more real through engaging with others and friendship. No, it's something much sillier: She obviously has some kind of form, since she can pick up and move objects, he heard etcetera and so on. There is some kind of substance there. So how the hell do drinks just go through her, when solid objects don't?

...Like I said, it's a petty criticism. (I was also mildly disappointed the effects budget didn't stretch enough to give us one ghost-related effects shot, but I'll live)

Otherwise, I quite liked it, and if it gets picked up as a series I expect I'll continue to like it, so long as the whole vampire subplot doesn't take over the show (A bit of balance between vampire invasion, finding out about Annie's death and, I dunno, stuff about George trying and/or failing to escape the past). Keep all three leads equal, plz. Also, I want lots of the whole vampire/werewolf/ghost doing everyday stuff, because that's just plain fun. Because there's far too many shows about vampires already in existance, and we really don't need another one, no matter how awesome thingy the awesome creepy speechifying black head vampire dude was.

Oh, and I'm totally slashing Mitchell and George, just so you know.

Also, Mitchell is very, very hot.

I mean, I like George the most of the leads, and Annie's the one whose backstory I most want to hear about, but Mitchell I could just look at all day.


- Also, I may have also watched a certain Australian television show that shall not be named for fear of legal action. ;)
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