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And so the Doctor Who finale has started filming.

And thus there are spoilers

Well, Rose being in the finale now has been confirmed beyond rumour.

What I am more interested in is Jackie and Mickey (and possibly Pete). Does this mean they've been filming a scene in the alt!verse, or that Mickey and Jackie come through with Rose et al?

It's also kind of interesting that there were no trailers for the three people that are the leads for the series, going by press releases (the Doctor, Donna and Martha, for those who haven't been paying attention).

However, I will admit that as much as I shall squee over getting to see Mickey again - and Jackie too, for that matter, I'm a bit iffy on the amount of people we know for the finale. I just don't think there will be time to do all the characters justice - I mean look how often Torchwood seems to sideline one (or more) of it's leads.

Although I'm kind of grateful we have the three eps with Martha earlier in the series, as she gets her dramatic return before it becomes the fashionable thing to do, as it were.

Maybe it's just that I think big huge casts with lots of past characters showing up work better if they're a slightly cracktastic special (ala The Five Doctors) rather than a dramatic season finale. I don't dislike them in theory, I just think they aren't the best place for anything hugely dependent on ongoing plots. It's hard enough to combine decent plot and decent character interactions with just a couple of characters, it has to get exponentially worse the more characters are included.

Which means, it's likely one of them will be cut back a bit. Which leaves us with either dodgy plot, and decent character stuff, or a decent plot, and characters getting sidelined (which is rather pointless if they're going to all this effort just to include them).

...Eh. Maybe I'm just in a pessimistic mood right now. Any suggestions for cheering me up?

Also, it's an undeniable fact that the finale is going to piss off at least one portion of fandom. But what's the betting on which portion of fandom it is due to be?
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