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It's amazing how tiring sitting in a chair talking to people all day can be

I've had three cans of energy drink today, and I can still barely keep my eyes open.

That's just not right.

CHAS tabling was reasonable - not nearly as members as the last few years, alas, but I don't know if that's a clubs wide trend, or just us. The other Second Floor tables seemed pretty similar in numbers, so maybe it was across the board.

Day started of terribly disorganised, but things improved after a bit. As always, the sherbet bombs were popular. As was my Dalek, for that matter.

I also did my own circuit of the club tables, so I'm all signed up for assorted Second Floorish goodness this year.

In other news, I have actually seen this week's Torchwood ep, A Day in the Death.

I actually thought it was a great improvement on last weeks episode. Might have liked a bit more Martha, but otherwise thought it was quite good - I rather liked it.

Oh, and one spoilery comment:
Was really quite pleased that they actually kept zombified Owen. It would have been a bit of a waste of three episodes to do otherwise, but yeah, quite pleasing.

Huzzah for zombie!Owen.

Also, I note that though they haven't gone for the full on Nicky-from-Felix-Castor gradual decay thing, they have gone for the all wounds he gets remain forever. So even if he doesn't mysteriously run out of energy, sooner or later his body will just fall apart out of damage.

...Bets on if they forget about the broken finger/cut hand thing, or just resolve it by having Owen always wear a glove ala Luke Skywalker?
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